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Soy contains high levels of phyto-estrogens (plant estrogens) which adds to the imbalance between estrogen and progesterone hormones. If the symptoms of PMS are caused by too much estrogen, then why recommend eating soy which will only exacerbate the problem? Wheat also contributes phyto estrogens, and environmental pollution is causing estrogen levels to rise in our bodies.
Cruciferous vegetables are recommended as being able to help reduce estrogen levels. So eat plenty of cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, etc. And drink plenty of water. Keep caffeine intake to a minimum and try twist poses to help relive water retention. Personally, I have noted my PMS is worse if I drink alcohol during the month. A glass or two of red wine, the evening before my period is due can help, but not regular consumption of alcohol during the month. Drinking parsley tea (just the leaves) can help with water retention too.


New studies are coming out linking the lack of saturated fat to poor health, including PMS. A lot of vegans lack a good amount of saturated fat and often get too much Omega 6 over Omega 3. Since vegans won't get certain essential fats from animal products, try cutting canola oil (including Earth Balance) and eating more coconut oil. Hemp and flax are other great oils to incorporate into your diet (but don't cook with them or you'll destroy their beneficial properties) Avocadoes are also a tasty way of getting good fats. Try this out, while cutting back on refined sugars (switching to whole sugars like sucanat, palm/date/coconut sugar, honey, stevia, etc) and see if your PMS improves! <3


Yes, SOY is not good for your health. Try switching to rice or almond milk stuff. I am a vegan and I still get all the PMS symptoms, so this article didn't help me at all. Anyone has anything to recommend me? Thanks in advance!


I suffer from PMDD-Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder which is a sever form of PMS that occurs for 7-12 days leading up to menstruation. PMDD causes intense mood swings that make PMS moodiness look sweet and terrible bloating. I have tried many things to overcome this problem and I am certainly going to try this and see if it works.


I'm a vegan for over 15 years but my PMS is only getting worse...what can science say about this?


I agree with Jane, soy is not a good solution for hormone problems. I am intolerant to soy and also believe my thyroid problems were partly caused by soy. Now with thyroid support from the health food store I am much healthier.


I was a Midol-junkie for years--with no symptom relief--despite being a vegetarian and serious exerciser. After breaking an ankle and beginning calcium therapy: wa-la! No more PMS, at all.


My hormones are all over the place causing alot of breast tenderness, cramps and mood swings. I will definately be looking into these products. I already use soy milk but will have to step it up. I struggle a little with tofu but I think I need to give it another shot! Thankyou.


hi... i do suffer from PMS.. but soy and me do not get along... it gives me hot flashes big time. if i eat consume soy i have a hot flash within 8 -12 hrs. i also stay away from soy because over 85% is GMO. another reason i dislike soy is that it messes up your thyroid function.

Kelly of EHT, NJ

I will definitely be trying some of these foods this week!

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