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Yes nice, HOWEVER, which veggies are more or less starchy? I usually combine rice with barley in various combinations. What do do about that? Are there families are seasonings that go well together? What about the 5 or 6 qualities of seasonings, ie, sweet, sour, sally, bitter etc???,


I do not get the idea of not combining grains with protein. Fish and veggies take a huge part of my diet but i need some grains with it to get full and satisfied...rice, brown bread, a nice bowl of pasta. Donīt you agree? Can you advice?


Hi Hale, thanks for this! Really interesting - but was wondering,does that mean I should not be eating lentils or other legumes with rice, as it's mixing up the protein and carb?


I was told I was lactose intolerant and cut out milk products all together but once I left my stressful job I was able to incorporate small amount of milk products without discomfort Exercise and yoga is the key to life for me


Whatever medicine we take to get relief from any kind of physical problem, we can not get proper solution without including yoga and right combination of food in our life.


Michael Pollan is right, and all the leading nutrition experts are of the same opinion.So Nancy's advice is very wise. There are over 100 dietary theories out there but our bodies are unique and we must learn to listen to what they tell us. Remember what they say, "one person's food is someone else's poison." And it is also true that if you don't set some time aside to meditate, pray, or just be with yourself, as well as to do some type of exercise every day, you will not enjoy the full benefits of the food you eat, even if that food is the one your body needs. Balance is the key to vibrant health.


I had digestive problems for several years and my doctor told me it was IBS after all the tests came back negative. I was anxious, stressed, and a bit sad in general and my mind and my food combinations were affecting my stomach. When I followed the proper combinations and rested and made changes to my life, added yoga and long walks things fell back into place. If I get upset and don't pay attention to my diet everything falls apart again.
The doctor wanted to prescribe anti-depressants!
Simply listening to your body's needs and being kind, yoga and ayurveda and less stress are key. Since I work I can't rid myself of teh stress but the diet and excercise sure help.


@ annb_d: Note that Frances Moore Lappe's later works discounted her earlier emphasis on protein-combining at each meal. She came to see that it was not required to be so strict as she'd suggested in the earliest edition of Diet for a Small Planet.
Also, food "expert" Michael Pollan points out that food science is really in its infancy (so trust history & intuition!)


Why don't you stop criticizing and try it? Try it for one day -- you may find it works for you and you feel lighter and energetic. Someone mentioned it goes against some other person's ideal eating plan - well, there are many diet philosophies out there. Every body is different, so what works for one may not work for another. All you can do is try it and see if it works for you. There is no need to be so negative.


Wow! Tough crowd. I think that all around, it is important to take information with a grain of salt. Magazines will always publish conflicting information. That is how they make money. I was looking for some clues as to why my stomach has been out of whack and this is one of the articles I found on digestion. Based on past experiences, it reminded me that I have been eating foods that do not sit well with me in times of stress. Hale, I liked your article but I be careful with the critics out there. And, Anonymous, just because there aren't any "medical facts" out there about food combining doesn't mean that it doesn't work for some people. There are plenty of books on food combining. "Medical facts" sometimes lead people to become sicker, not healthier.

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