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You Said: Reader Comments on Yoga as Healing

We asked you to share your experience of using yoga for healing or practicing with a specific health condition. Your responses were moving and overwhelming. Here are some of them.

I highly recommend any type of yoga for everyone and I believe this would be a less violent world if more of us practiced.
Your friend,

Yoga has transformed me in many ways. When I began yoga, it was in complete ignorance of any of the benefits it could actually provide. I chose it because when I had tried kick boxing and running, I realized that without my knowledge, I had aged (42) and didn't appreciate such shocks to the hips and Achilles tendons. I thought yoga would be a way to begin to get in shape without being hurt. Not long after, I noticed immediately that I could breath. I am an inhaler dependant asthmatic. I didn't wish to use it, in fact I tried not to, but inevitably throughout the day, the left lung would tighten up and fill with fluid. I was tired often due to lack of oxygen. The very first thing I noticed was that I could breath and that I didn't have to use the inhaler. This continued, and I tried to think about what it was that was making me feel so good, so energetic, so well. I began suspecting it might be yoga, and starting doing some research at the library. Most yoga books did indeed say that asthma was one of the things that yoga relieved. I became hooked. I never miss yoga now, and in further studying, I am completely off of the antidepressant medicine I was taking. So, those are two huge benefits not to mention I just have a certain sense of well being each day, very little anxiety, and a body that is incredibly flexible now! Yoga class in part of my routine 3 days per week and I can't wait for the next class. I wouldn't miss it and it is so much different than other forms of exercise that people tend to dread. I am grateful!

Four years ago, I began suffering severe, debilitating pain and loss of motor control in my right arm. My family physician eventually referred me to a neurologist. Nerve conduction and electromyograph confirmed impairment. Various treatments were ineffective. He ordered an MRI which revealed degeneration and disc herniation at C4-C5 and C5-C6 which was causing severe compression of the nerve roots. He concluded that the only available option was surgery to fuse the vertebrae.

I had studied Kundalini yoga extensively many years before, but had gradually allowed myself to fall out of practice. Wanting to avoid surgery if possible, I got an acupuncture treatment and began getting myself back into shape with 2 yoga sessions a day. Within 2 weeks I was virtually pain free. Today, I am active and fully functional. I have no problems as long as I get in at least one good session a day.
May you be richly blessed,
Edwin S. Purcell, Ph.D.

I can definitely relate to doing yoga for health conditions but in my case it's not so much physical health as mental health! Yoga has helped me tremendously handle my depression and anxiety.

Currently, my partner and I are going through some very hard times with our relationship. I have discovered details about a love affair that she has been having (one that I suspected but had never been able to confirm). Without yoga, I do not think I would have been able to be as present moment oriented in dealing with these issues and I suspect I would be in some serious trouble with my mental health without it!

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Reader Comments


It's the style and philosophy I was looking for.


The atmosphere at <a href="">yoga</a> classes is very warm and comfortable and leaves you rejuvenated yet peaceful at the finish. The teaching is expert-very gentle and knowledgeable, and there is always laughter and camaraderie."

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