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You Said: Reader Comments on Yoga as Healing

We asked you to share your experience of using yoga for healing or practicing with a specific health condition. Your responses were moving and overwhelming. Here are some of them.


I started my practice about 10 years ago while living in Las Vegas. While I didn't enjoy living there, I found a wonderful Yogini, Sherry Goldstein, and through my practice I found the serenity I needed. I have since moved twice and have taken yoga with me as a wonderful friend. My practice restores my well being and strength when I don't feel well, gives me movement when I am joyful, and focus for everyday life.
--Meredith Gallagher

Yoga has been a godsend to me. I first started practicing yoga because I felt as though I wasn't doing enough stretching after my hard weight lifting workouts. I began Bikram Yoga practice and quickly found that surprisingly, I was considerably flexible. The heat sure helped!

After about 6 months of practice, yoga took a back seat in my life as I was distracted with other things; relationship, dog, work, you name it. Then, I was in the process of getting a divorce. I turned to yoga to help ease my mind. It helped immensely in allowing myself to only focus on me, my health and my inner peace. I'm convinced that without yoga, I would have had a nervous breakdown, gone through depression and been basically emotionally and physically unbalanced.

I am now an avid yoga student and have promised myself to always make it a priority in my life. Especially when life throws the difficult curve balls at me. I wish everyone would try it at least once to see the benefits they personally can get from it.
Neena R. Chawla

My name is Louise and I'm 46 years old. Four years ago I fell from the roof of my house and sustained an injury to my neck, which greatly aggravated an existing condition of arthritis. I have spent the last 4 years going from neurosurgeon to neurosurgeon, looking for a solution to this problem. I have been living with chronic pain and the past 6 months I've spent using a Duragesic patch with the narcotic fentanyl without much success.

I've always done a little yoga but this past summer I decided to concentrate on learning as much about yoga as I could and applying it to my life. I needed to feel like I had control over something since the pain was robbing me in many ways (I had to leave my teaching contract last Feb. 2003 due to pain) and I found yoga offered me exactly what I needed.

I try to do yoga everyday and since I live in the country (Southwest Ontario) I use dvds with instructors like Rodney Yee to follow. I have devised my own Salutation to the Sun with many extensions and this very challenging routine takes me about an hour to complete. I feel for the first time in 4 years like I have power over my body and mind and my focus is so absolute that while I'm doing my yoga routine I can force the pain away from my mind and feel only the pleasure of what I am doing. Yoga has empowered me in many ways. I have taken myself off the Duragesic patch and have tried a homeopathic remedy, which has already shown a positive impact on my pain. I look forward to my yoga routine everyday and I always enjoy preparing myself and my living room for this very special event with candles and some incense to create a thoughtful and mellow mood and some delicate music in the background for further inspiration.

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Reader Comments


It's the style and philosophy I was looking for.


The atmosphere at <a href="">yoga</a> classes is very warm and comfortable and leaves you rejuvenated yet peaceful at the finish. The teaching is expert-very gentle and knowledgeable, and there is always laughter and camaraderie."

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