3 Tips for Your Healthiest, Happiest Winter

You could start a countdown to spring—or you could make this winter your healthiest and happiest yet with these tips from three experts at The Ranch at Rock Creek, a resort and retreat center in Philipsburg, Montana.

1. Meditate outside.

Sure, you may be tempted to stay in bed when the temps dip, but heading outdoors for your meditation can be 
a boon, says yoga teacher Karen Piacquadio. “Sit in front of a fire and focus 
on the flames,” Piacquadio says. “Even if you feel a little cold at first, you’ll soon start to warm up from the inside out.”

2. Eat more comfort food.

Executive chef Josh Drage knows that rich, creamy dishes are exactly what you’re craving right now—and he wants you to indulge. For a lighter take on your faves, swap in veggie purées for creamy, buttery sauces. Think mac & cheese with a butternut squash sauce or a “lasagna” bake using spaghetti squash and a red pepper purée. Tip: “Make sure the purée is thin enough to pour easily,” says Drage. “You want it to concentrate while it bakes, which will lead to the right consistency.”

3. Cozy up your space.

It’s easier (and cheaper!) than you may think 
to give any room a 5-star feel, says designer Jet Zarkadas. “Shop flea markets, junk stores, and antique malls for old gadgets—radios, typewriters, telephones—which 
add warmth to a space,” she says. Rich textures are another easy tweak. “Big throws, sheepskin pillows, and soft textiles not only look gorgeous, but they feel cozy and luxurious, 
too,” says Zarkadas.

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