Trend to Try: Rise and Rave at a Daybreaker Event

While most dance parties end in the wee hours, these trending events starting at 6 a.m. are inspiring yogis across the country to rise and rave—minus the alcohol and drugs.

Daybreaker is a morning movement aimed at bringing people together to do yoga, dance, and, well, “ break the day” as a community. “ My co-founder and I were commiserating over how nightlife was overrun by drugs, alcohol, mean bouncers, and digital divides—where everyone was on their cell phones—and we wanted to get back to the basics of dancing and community,” says Brooklyn-based entrepreneur Radha Agrawal. Inspired by their experiences at Burning Man, Agrawal and her partner, Matthew Brimer, set out to infuse some of the festival’s creativity and union into the first Daybreaker event, in New York City in 2013. Since then, they’ve expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chi-cago, Boston, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, and other major cities in North America. Want to wake up and dance at a Daybreaker near you—or learn more about teaching yoga at an event? Check out

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