6-Step Meditation for a New Beginning This Spring with Ashley Turner

As the cold, dark winter turns to spring (it’s finally time to spring forward this weekend!), we often feel inspired to plant the seeds for fresh, new beginnings. In the following meditation from our partner Meditation Studio, yoga and meditation teacher Ashley Turner suggests 6 steps to manifest what you want to create this springtime.

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6-Step Meditation for a New Beginning This Spring

1. Visualize what you want to create and cultivate the energy that will bring it toward you.

2. Focus on what you want to feel instead of on what you want to have.

3, Choose one result you want to manifest (e.g., a new relationship, a new job, better health) and use all five senses to imagine what you will feel once you have this.

4. Notice if you feel secure, confident, happy, joyful … and breathe into this feeling state.

5. Once you have this feeling, take on the posture of what it feels like. Are you sitting up straighter? Do you feel the edge of a smile on your face? Are your shoulders rolled back?

6. And, finally, Turner suggests that you go forth in your day with this mantra: I am open to receive my heart’s greatest desires.

Listen to the Guided Meditation

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