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Day 3: Beginner

Morning Practice with Jason Crandell

If sleep is a time of rest and repair, then why do we feel so stiff and creaky in the morning? You can try figuring that out, or you can try this practice, designed to banish stiffness and creakiness and awaken the whole body. Jason Crandell packs a lot of poses into the 20-minute sequence.

This practice includes one version of Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation, which has symbolic meaning as well as physical benefits. The flowing asana sequence is a way of honoring the sun (Surya), the heart of our solar system and the source of life on earth. Yogis have developed many variations, and you'll likely discover a favorite as your practice deepens. If your morning allows for only a few minutes of yoga, Sun Salutation is a great way to go.

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Challenge Tip

Traditionally, Sun Salutation is performed outdoors, facing the rising sun. That's a risky proposition on a winter day in Wisconsin. But you can honor the tradition by placing your mat near an east-facing window or hanging a picture of the sun wherever you practice.

Today's Recipe: Green Tahini Salad

This hearty salad highlights kale, a dynamo super-food, and can be dressed up with any number of tasty options.

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