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Day 5: Beginner

Core Focus with Rebecca Urban

If the idea of core work makes you groan, you're probably imagining an Abs of Steel-style workout. Today's sequence is a far cry from that. In yoga, core work isn't about six-pack abs. It's about bringing more awareness to your physical center, building abdominal strength in a healthy way, and infusing awareness and strength into the rest of your practice. A strong core improves nearly every pose, from basic standing poses to arm balances and inversions. It also enhances low-back health and protects you from injury in your everyday life. You may even find that strengthening your literal center helps you stay centered emotionally.

Today's practice calls for attention to detail. Rebecca Urban takes a slow-as-you-go approach, inviting you to explore micro movements. No rush. No endless repetitions. No groaning.

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Challenge Tip

If you love going to yoga classes but can't get into the groove at home, it could be a matter of creating the right environment. Take a few cues from your favorite studio. That might mean cleaning and de-cluttering your practice space, decorating it with inspiring artwork, lighting candles or a stick of incense, or playing soothing music. Don't forget a cardinal rule of yoga studios: Turn off your cell phone!

Today's Recipe: Butternut Stew with
Tofu, Corn, and Pine Nuts

Enjoy this vegan dish alone or with black beans and rice. Spice it up with green chilies or hot sauce!

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