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Day 6: Beginner

Shoulder Openers with Kate Holcombe

Neck and shoulder soreness are exceedingly common, affecting active sorts and couch potatoes alike. Before you spring for a massage or other bodywork, try this therapeutic practice by Kate Holcombe. You'll need a chair where you can sit comfortably with your back straight.

In this sequence, you'll be introduced to a yogic breathing technique called sitali, which has a cooling and calming effect. It's one of the few techniques that involve breathing through the mouth. If you can't curl your tongue (it's a genetic thing), you can practice an alternative technique called sitkari, parting the lips and teeth slightly and resting the tip of the tongue between the teeth.

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Challenge Tip

Anytime is a good time for yoga. But some practices are better than others for certain times of day. A practice that leaves you deeply relaxed is great before you hit the hay but not before you hit the road. Similarly, it's best to avoid an energizing practice when you're settling in for the night. Choosing the right practice takes practice.

Today's Recipe: Avocado-Spinach

Smoked sun-dried tomatoes give this vegan sandwich a hearty taste and texture.

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