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Day 8: Beginner

Awakening Practice with Jason Crandell

When life calls for an energy boost, it's tempting to reach for a coffee, energy drink, or sugary snack. In today's video, Jason Crandell offers a different quick fix: a practice to stimulate your energy while soothing your mind. "Though this sequence is brief, it's powerful," he says. And unlike those other energy boosters, it won't leave you jittery.

One of the most challenging movements in this sequence is Chaturanga Dandasana (Four-Limbed Staff Pose), often called a yoga pushup. It takes time to develop the upper body strength needed to keep your torso and legs in line as you descend from Plank Pose. In the meantime, bring your knees to the floor before lowering your torso. This will protect you from injury as you build strength in the arms and wrists.

Have a block nearby for a couple of the standing postures.

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Challenge Tip

No matter how short your practice, leave time for Savasana (Corpse Pose). "Take as much time in Savasana as you need in order to feel grounded, clear, and content before moving back into the rest of your day," Jason Crandell advises. Five minutes of Savasana for every 30 minutes of practice is a good rule of thumb.

Today's Recipe: Blueberry-Cucumber

Cucumbers give some texture to this low-cal smoothie. Perfect for a pre-yoga or afternoon snack.

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