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Day 10: Intermediate

Standing Poses with Jason Crandell

Whether you joyfully tip and rise into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) or wobble through a fleeting Vrksasana (Tree Pose), you will gain stability and strength by practicing standing poses, says Jason Crandell. Standing poses form the base of a strong physical foundation for your practice—and you're never too advanced to benefit from their practice.

Having a strong foundation is important in more than just yoga. Feeling steady and grounded is an integral part of navigating successfully through life's twists and turns. Yoga can help you gain that equilibrium.

You'll need a block and a belt for this sequence.

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Challenge Tip

If you've been to a lot of yoga classes, you've probably heard a teacher suggest that you set an intention for your practice. But how to go about it? The first step is to take stock: How do you feel? What's going through your mind? Is there something you could use more of (such as energy, motivation, compassion) or wish you could shed (tension, anxiety, resentment)? Use that information to create a simple intention, such as "Today I want to feel inspired" or "Today I want to forgive." Approaching your practice with intention amplifies its benefits.

Today's Recipe: Black Bean-Quinoa

Here's a delicious veggie burger you can whip up from scratch. Stash a few in the freezer for busy weeknight meals. Serve with your favorite fixings.

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