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Day 12: Intermediate

Bakasana with Jason Crandell

Today's sequence by Jason Crandell will get your feet off the ground—or lead to the strength and confidence you need to lift off, even you never choose to do so.

Crandell explains that it takes more than muscle to find ease in an arm balance such as Bakasana (Crane Pose). You first need to relax deeply and release the joints and muscles that allow you to take the shape of the pose. Creating suppleness in the groins, hamstrings, hips, knees, and torso will take much of the work out of the pose.

This sequence will help you loosen and awaken the areas that need it to help you move into the final pose. And even if you don't get there, the motions you take toward the pose and the opening you achieve in the preparatory poses are just as important.

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Challenge Tip

One advantage of home practice over group classes is that you don't run the risk of competitive thoughts. But there's still the risk of harsh self-judgments. Try to observe the restrictions in your body without judgment. If you can't straighten your legs in forward bends, so what? If your forehead never grazes your shins, so be it. What matters isn't how far you go but how you respond when you reach your edge.

Today's Recipe: Braised Cavolo
Nero Kale

Serve this light vegetable stew over grilled bread or tossed with pasta.

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