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Day 13: Intermediate

Fun Flow with Elise Lorimer

At just over 45 minutes, today's Fun Flow sequence is the longest practice of the Challenge. It's also one of the most energetic! Vinyasa flow teacher Elise Lorimer presents a dynamic and fun Mandala (circular) Namaskar sequence that will have you traveling around your mat and enlivening your entire body. Through this fluid sequence, which has you ground deeply into the legs and awaken your upper body, you'll tap into your vital life energy (prana) and let it flow.

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Challenge Tip

You may be noticing that you feel stronger, have more energy, and feel like your breathing capacity has increased. These are all signs of fitness, and yoga has been shown in studies to be an all-round fitness builder. One study, at the University of California, Davis, concluded that 75 minutes of yoga, including a warm-up, 50 minutes of asana practice, and 10 minutes of meditation, performed 4 times a week, dramatically improved muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and lung capacity.

Today's Recipe: Warm Farro Pilaf
with Dried Cranberries

An Italian wheat grain, farro is chewy and tender, like barley but with a milder flavor. This tasty salad dish can be made a few days ahead or even frozen.

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