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Day 14: Intermediate

Evening Sequence with Kate Holcombe

Getting a good night's sleep is vital to maintaining health and well-being. Unfortunately, 54 percent of American adults suffer from insomnia at some point. While there are many contributing factors that keep people awake, a yoga sequence like the one offered here by Kate Holcombe will gently move the body into a restful state. Adopting the yogic precept of pratyahara, or sense withdrawal, can also help you turn inward and quiet the mind. That means disengaging from activities such as watching TV or using the computer and opting earlier in the evening for relaxing activities, such as taking a bath or listening to quiet music.

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Challenge Tip

Sleep scientist and Iyengar yoga teacher Roger Cole recommends taking a few minutes right before bed to do a gentle yoga sequence designed specifically for sleep and meditation to calm the mind and help ease the transition to slumber. For some chronic insomniacs, Cole also advises a program of sleep restriction combined with cognitive therapy, which helps calm the overstimulated amygdala and trains the brain to associate bed with restful sleep.

Today's Recipe: Chamomile Tea with
Cranberry and Ginger

A tasty way to invite relaxation at night, but this tangy tea can be enjoyed anytime.

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