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Day 15: Intermediate

Hanumanasana with Elise Lorimer

Today's sequence is one that you'll want to do when you have plenty of energy. It's designed to get you working deeply into your hips and legs. You'll be developing the stretch and downward movement capabilities required of Hanumanasana, the Monkey Pose.

Don't worry if you can't reach the final pose! The stretching and opening that happen through the hips, groins, and legs are what matter. Make sure to have two yoga blocks on hand to help you in the poses.

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Challenge Tip

If you haven't managed to get on your mat every day, don't beat yourself up. Developing a good habit can be just as difficult as breaking a bad one. Ask yourself what's stopping you from practicing. If "I don't have time" springs to mind, try putting yoga on your calendar the way you would a work meeting, a dentist appointment, or a hot date. And remember that there's no minimum time requirement for practicing. A few minutes will do on a super-busy day.

Today's Recipe: Sweet Cornmeal
Crêpes with Blueberries

Cornmeal and blueberries: a match made in heaven. Make the crêpes ahead of time, wrap in aluminum foil, and keep warm in the oven.

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