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Day 20: Intermediate

Bakasana with Jason Crandell

Perhaps the most important thing in arm balances is to cultivate a playful, curious, and nonstriving attitude. The feeling of weightlessness and confidence that you can find in these postures (not to mention their striking beauty) tend to bring up a sense of attachment—of either striving too hard to achieve it, or feeling like throwing in the towel in fear that you can't. If that happens, let go and search for the delicate balance between effort and relaxation.

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Challenge Tip

In any practice, do what you can. If your hamstrings are tight, it's OK to bend your knees. If you're unable to reach the floor, use a block. Props and modifications are great equalizers in yoga, and they can actually improve your practice by helping you maintain good form instead of struggling to achieve something your body isn't ready to do. Over time you'll develop greater flexibility and find yourself naturally able to do more.

Today's Recipe: Garlicky Oven Fries

Presoaking potato slices in hot water helps remove excess starch so they brown and crisp like oil-cooked fries.

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