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Day 8: Intermediate

Shoulder Openers with Kate Holcombe

You did it! You're now one-third of the way through the challenge, and you surely have gained some tools that you'll be able to apply to your home practice going forward. How do you feel?

Today's sequence is about shoulder and neck tension, something everyone can relate to. Even with regular yoga, there are some days when your shoulders hover around your ears. Kate Holcombe shares a gentle sequence to release tension throughout your upper body, and the pranayama technique sitali to cool down your mind. If you can't roll your tongue (which is a genetic trait), practice breathing with the tip of the tongue resting against the back of your front teeth.

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Challenge Tip

If you love going to yoga classes but can't get into the groove at home, it could be a matter of creating the right environment. Take a few cues from your favorite studio. That might mean cleaning and de-cluttering your practice space, decorating it with inspiring artwork, lighting candles or a stick of incense, or playing soothing music. Don't forget a cardinal rule of yoga studios: Turn off your cell phone!

Today's Recipe: Blueberry-Cucumber

Cucumbers give some texture to this low-cal smoothie. Perfect for a pre-yoga or afternoon snack.

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