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October 7, 2008 | ISSUE 330

Yoga for Economic Meltdown

On Sunday I attended a talk by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. She was barraged with questions about the economy, and I could hear trepidation in both questions and answers.

In a time of uncertainty, it's easy to fall into a state of contraction. However, as yogis, we know we have the ability to attract the resources we need. I'm not suggesting a head-in-the-sand mentality, but perhaps a timely reevaluation of our relationship with money, along with an ordering of our priorities. Such times can be seen as a gift—a catalyst that helps us simplify our lives.

This week, if you're experiencing fear or uncertainty about the future, use these emotions to fuel your spiritual growth. Reacquaint yourself with your old friend aparigraha, or the yama of nongrasping. If you teach yoga, help uplift your students in the midst of challenging times. Find out how some yogis are simplifying their lives. Finally, have you been trading pricey yoga classes for a home practice lately? Are you making your own yogi tea? Please share your most resourceful tips with us.

Andrea Kowalski


Feel Your Way

Our intense emotions—even negative ones, like fear, anger, sadness, and grief—can be a path to spiritual growth.


The Yoga of Money

Yoga's ethical precepts teach us to tell the truth and do no harm, but few realize that these teachings can also help us to manage our money.


Facing Uncertain Economic Times?

Use your yoga to uplift your students—and your business—during financial slowdowns.


When Less Is More

Make more time for doing the things you love by simplifying your life.


Share with Us: Yoga for Economic Meltdown

Have you responded personally to economic changes lately? Please share your best tips and strategies.


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YogiRev: Financial Bailout
I know that everyone is either tired of hearing about this or so infuriated that is sickens them. I just wonder if we would be in the situation we are in if the world lived under the yamas and niyamas. Would there be stealing, greed, violence? If everyone walked the path of Bramancharya would we have the problem?


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