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The Sanskrit glossary is good; however, how do you pronounce the words? There isn't a breakdown of the pronunciation for each term. Knowing how to pronounce the terms would be most helpful. Thanks so much.


Can we have some poses for tyroides disease.
My aunt is getting surgery and would like to help her out after when she will do her recovery :)



This is great! I love it! I just wish pronunciations were included.


Namaste Jen,
The meaning of 'Hari om tat sat', is the 'Just the god name is true and nothing else'. Here it means Hari Om(god) Tat(only) Sat(satya(true)).


the word yoga is missing from your glossary.


"Amrita" is not immortal. It literally means "pure".

Amrit means nectar in Sanskrit.


Please define Hari Om Tat Sat. I have had a letter addressing me as Shri - what does this mean?


I was told by my teachers that the Niyamas meant "observances" and the Yamas was "self-restraints."
The Yamas (ex.: ahimsa = non-harming, and aparigraha = non-grasping) are the behaviors to avoid.
And the Niyamas, (ex.: santosha = contentment, and satya = truth) are more like observing what to cultivate rather than self-restraints.
Please clarify or adjust for the viewers. Thank you!!


Please can you help me with some poses for thyroid dessease

jnana mens ghyyan, true knowledge
udarakarsh asana is aposture for yoga, rather exercise

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