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It would be lovely to see some of this depicted visually as on a big poster with the eight limbs as the spokes of a wheel and then major concepts related to each of the eight limbs coming off of each. Perhaps such a thing exists.


Why doesn't Yoga Journal recognize Kriya Yoga? I hear YJ mention other hatha yoga methods. Is it because the others are not as old/traditional and only the newer "marketable" methods are being focused on?


i have never done yoga before. where should i start


I could be wrong but maybe your talking of Hatha yoga....and if you are I would say that yoga on the whole would benefit. I have brain issues and yoga really helps. All yoga really.

Michael Lesiewicz


I am 51 years old. I had a mild brain injury 5 years ago. From this injury I lost my sense of taste and smell. Fortunately my sense of taste came back less than 6 weeks from the accident, however, my sense of smell did not. I had heard from someone who also had a head injury and was told by her doctor that the " loss of smell was permanent"...She participated in a type or style of Yoga call " hafta" and was blessed with her sense of smell returning.
I would like to know how can I learn exactly what "hafta" consists of or targets...or... is their perhaps another style that you have heard that provided someone in this position a return of sense of smell, partially or completely. I have been searching for answers talking to family doctor, interenet and anyone who might shed some light on this matter. If you could provide some feedback on this I would be most grateful.
Thank you,
Michael 616 866-4327
Please reply to my home email address wheich is:


to the person who waswondering if 60 is too old to begin yoga ... no, you are never too old!!! Find a gentle yoga class.


Never too old to begin!


I was 61 plus when I attended my first class. I never knew I could feel so good and enjoy exercise so much--I am now a certified teacher.


The guide is great, but I do agree with C.P. about the pronunciation assistance. I've been a Yoga Jounal reader for several years and have always enjoyed the Sanskrit lessons. I think it would be really cool to, in addition to pronunciation, to see the actual Snaskrit characters in a sidebar. I seem to recall you doing this a few times over the years. I think it would be a great addition and add visual interest to the page. Keep up the great work;^)


Sixty years old is the perfect age to begin a yoga practice Bet. It is never too late or early, only good.

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