Sangeeta Vallabhan

Sangeeta Vallabhan

Current Residence: New York

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Twitter: @sangeetayoga
Facebook: @sangeeta.vallabhan

A teacher at Yoga Works and Kula Yoga Project in New York City, Sangeeta Vallabhan travels the NYC boroughs on what she calls a Solemarch, a quest to help students be the sole proprietors of their own yogic paths. Steeped in formal dance education and more than 1,000 hours of yoga training, her teaching is inspired by the ancient yogic texts and blends movement with intention. After studying ballet at the University of Texas at Austin, she moved to NYC to dance, and a teacher introduced her to yoga. Over time, she trained with Jivamukti, Golden Bridge Yoga, and Kula Yoga Project, and went on to get an 800-hour Jivamukti certification and prenatal-yoga training. Her approach to teaching has served her students well for more than 10 years. And now she’s bringing her technique to free yoga classes in Bryant Park and people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), with training from Warriors at Ease.

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