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I am also wondering about Tiffany's comment. I learned warrior one with back heel up (or what is being referred to as cresent). Is there a reason this would be the case?


I was talk Kripalu teaching and I enjoy keeping my foot in a lunge position so my hips are squared to the front. I feel like turning my back heel to such a degree torques the knee and misaligned the hips, losing the benefit of this pose until strong enough. I believe people call this way crescent but I learned it is warrior.


miz diz-

I would recommend that someone with stiff shoulders use an alternate arm/hand position. For example, they can lift them only as high as they feel comfortable—for example, parallel to the ground either forwards or to their sides. Anjali mudra is another option, as is any arm position they find comfortable.


Hi ! I want to know why the pelvis is not able to be completely neutral in this pose...

Judy H.

Question: Because of arthritis I cannot bend my ankles properly so I have to modify all poses for me. Any suggestions when dealing with ankle/feet arthritis?

miz diz

Can anyone tell me how to modify this pose for someone who has stiff shoulders?


@poppy (one struggling warrior), many people have issues with warrior 1. even though it is a pose that is often considered elementary because it is apart of sun b and many beginner flows, virabhadrasana 1 is not simple. even those people whose skeletons allow them to find more ease in the pose still find it difficult to maintain. this asana finds yourself working in many contradictory trajectories. its not supposed to be comfortable :) as a RYT, i would suggest you find your leg position first. something between the long stance and short stance you described. mostly everyone's warrior one stance is shorter than warrior 2. standing in warrior 2, walk it in a foot or two. find your foundation before you experiment with the arms. they are the icing on the cake. as far as foot position: look for alignment either front heel to back heel OR front heel to the in-step of the back foot. different yoga schools say different things. but i believe its according to the make-up of your skeleton. it SOUNDS like you have very open hips. this might mean youre happier heel to heel alignment. if its not a perfect line, stand where life is comfortable for you. with time as your body practices your foundation you may be able to find a tighter stance without discomfort or pain. dont feel like you have to look like the picture in every stance. thats not the goal of yoga :)

hope this is helpful. good luck and stand strong, warrior.


Hi Poppy, I think i understand your dilemma, I also have struggled with Warrior 1 for all those reasons - AND a narrower stance seemed unhelpful. However, I didnt want to stress the lower back (check that it is not actually your SIJ sacro illiac joints that are bothering you, cause they feel like lower back) So, I stuck to a narrow stance and worked my calves separately in down dog with bent knees and alternating heel drives into floor. It has taken me a loooong time - ie about 15 years but now finally my warrior 1 kind of looks like OK and my feet are further apart. It might feel beneficial but it will eventually work. Do you run as well or wear high heel shoes? As for you back and Latts how does ukatasana feel? If you have trouble having arms above head in both poses you may need to stretch the latts more but also strengthen your Lower and Mid trapezius. Stretching the chest and mobilising shoulders if they are tight could also help.


Can anyone offer any tips or modifications for those who have difficulty bringing the bent leg forward enough to keep the knee and ankle joints stacked evenly.


I love the warrior pose! It makes me feel like a hero to stay up in it with integrity for a decent number of breaths!

Check out this blog post on the mythology & history behind the pose; it's an interesting story! <a href=" ">Mexicali Blues Adventures</a>

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