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sofia mcneil wilson

Does this actually work??


I'll say that this was a very interesting meditation. I found my controller to be very business like: short, sweet and always to the point. It didn't lie nor did it justify anything. It made me realize I was responsible for how my mind sorted everyday life. My skeptic was a quiet, nervous voice that made me realize that questioning the world brought the truth out of it. I found that my Seeking Mind was overwhelming, feeling like it was spilling out of my own mind. I was more like talking to the ocean than a voice. My Non-seeking mind was simply an echo. Eerie, but very calming. I couldn't stay in Big Mind all that long, but I got the idea of it. Big heart is still a challenge to talk to.

In all, I highly recommend this to anyone with who would describe themselves as spacey or having a wondering mind.


This is amazing advice, I really have to hand it to you. This is clever, for sure, if not a bit difficult to get the hang of.


This was fantastic i now do this every day thanks


This was wonderful, I appreciate you putting this up for us! Much happiness, Alysha

Initially, you will find it hard to focus as the stuff will go around your head but slowly you will be able to meditate and reap the benefits of Dhyana.


uh am i supposed to read this before or during the meditation proscess? i got kinda confused there...


thank you so much. it makes me feel insane that i just spoke to myself, but yeah. it was amazing.

First there is Self, then there is no Self, then there is Self.



This is not an attack. I'm merely attempting to be informative. I find it interesting that you used a capital "S" instead of a lowercase "s" for the self you were referring to. It does make a difference. Buddhism doesn't state that having a sense of Self is a bad thing. Buddhism states that having a sense of the "self" that holds selfish/materialistic desires is a bad thing, because the materials of the world are false and impermanent. Take money for example. Money comes and goes. If you base your happiness level on whether you have it or not, when you have it, you will be happy. When you don't, you will be miserable. This conflict on the basis of money causes pain. Instead, we should let go of these material desires and seek for what is permanent and can make us happy in the end: that inner part of us labelled "Self"; the one that holds connection to our neighbors and stems from The One.

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