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Half Frog Pose

Ardha Bhekasana

Step by Step

Lie on your belly. Press your forearms against the floor and lift your head and upper torso.

Bend your right knee and bring the heel toward the same-side buttock. Then, supporting yourself on the left forearm, reach back with your right hand and clasp the inside of your foot. As you slowly rotate your elbow toward the ceiling, slide your fingers over the top of the foot and curl them over the toe tips. The base of your palm should be pressing the top of the foot.

To start press your foot toward the buttock; after a while, if you have the flexibility, take the foot slightly off to the side and press it toward the floor. Be sure to keep your knee in line with your hip. Don't push your foot too hard if it hurts your knee.

Square your shoulders with the front of the mat and don't collapse into your left shoulder. Instead, press down with your elbow to lift your chest.

Do Half Bhekasana on each side for the same length of time, 30 seconds to two minutes. Once your thighs and groins open enough, you can try the full pose-both legs at the same time.

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Reader Comments


To Yoga Mama....patience practice and committment. I am a 200 pound Yoga Teacher. Everyone can practice. It is called a practice, not a performance. We all have difficultly with poses during different places in our lives. Practice without judgement, with gratitude for the gifts you have been given. Practice for the joy of the practice : )


In the picture, the woman is resting on one hand, but in description, we're told to be on a forearm, am I missing something?


To Madison--

You should be more respectful of yoga and of other yogis who are learning.

You are only 10. This means that your body is probably extremely flexible. Naturally a pose such of this would be easy for you. This does not mean that you have mastered yoga or are better than anyone else. Actually, it means you should spend time developing an awareness of your body so that you don't injure yourself. In fact, you should talk to a yoga teacher who teaches yoga for children; there are poses which should be either be practiced sparingly or avoided altogether while you're growing, even though they may be "easy".

Take care and may your practice deepen and flourish.

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