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To Yoga Mama....patience practice and committment. I am a 200 pound Yoga Teacher. Everyone can practice. It is called a practice, not a performance. We all have difficultly with poses during different places in our lives. Practice without judgement, with gratitude for the gifts you have been given. Practice for the joy of the practice : )


In the picture, the woman is resting on one hand, but in description, we're told to be on a forearm, am I missing something?


To Madison--

You should be more respectful of yoga and of other yogis who are learning.

You are only 10. This means that your body is probably extremely flexible. Naturally a pose such of this would be easy for you. This does not mean that you have mastered yoga or are better than anyone else. Actually, it means you should spend time developing an awareness of your body so that you don't injure yourself. In fact, you should talk to a yoga teacher who teaches yoga for children; there are poses which should be either be practiced sparingly or avoided altogether while you're growing, even though they may be "easy".

Take care and may your practice deepen and flourish.


To YogaMama: I must not be a true yogi, for most of my poses tend to suck. I enjoy trying out different poses at home on my own and sometimes, yes, they suck. I either don't have the required strength or balance and end up looking entirely foolish.


This was really hard for me. I couldn't square my hips and lift my torso fully forward. Are there other poses that could help me open more fully to be able to get the full benifit of this pose?


This pose was akward at first but if done about halfway through a class or series when the legs are warmed up a bit, I didn't feel as akward. This is truly wonderful. Follow this up with full frog then extended child to full child. Then down dog. Nice.


To Madison: A true yogi would never say any pose "sucks". Clearly you don't have the maturity at 10 to understand. Open your mind and have respect for yoga, other yogis and yourself. Your practice has just begun and you obviously need to persue the call.


Where is the full frog position and all the benefits etc for it? I think full frog is better than going from side to side please add to the list


This kinda sucks, it's my first time doing yoga and this pose is intermidiate and EASY!!! (im only 10)


The explanation and accompanying picture have right and left interchanged e.g. when explanation mentions bending right knee the picture shows left knee bent.

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