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Gordon Kaplan

The beginner's tip is poorly worded as Susan points out. However rotation the thigh in that fashion (sans force) is okay, even helpful.

That having been said...
Students who cannot sit in the full pose can straighten the bottom leg and work only one side until there's enough opening in external rotation to "do" the pose in it's full expression. I have found it best to do the pose in the supine position and unfortunately there are no actions provided here in this article.


So I must have the tightest hips or something wrong. I cant even sit on my sit bones and hold myself up to start this pose because my legs/knees wont go down at all and supporting my hip with a block wasn't comfortable. Any suggestions?

I start with the shins of one of my legs close to the ground and place my outer foot on the knee. Then I have to sift to sit up and my knees both raise a foot or two.

I also know I have tight hamstrings (runner).

David Kleppe

I have purchased Yoga Journal from time to time over the past ten years or so, but now that I'm 63 I'm no longer able to follow the youth movement and accomplish all the good things featured in this very good magazine. I've kept some of my Yoga Journal issues and will review them again to see what fits for me.


"Forcefully rotating" anything is not a good idea!!! I would suggest GENTLY spiraling the thighs inward to open the back of the hips....

Seeanna Mallon

This pose helped me with concentrating on breathing.


Hey Toni! That is a really simple and very affective way to deepen this pose. I will pass this on to my students today. {{{{0m}}}}

Cathy Lilly

I agree with Sudevi. I've known this as Double Pigeon Pose (Dwi Pada Rajakapotasana) for decades. So many new English names are cropping up for asanas that I wonder why and source of inspiration. Considering logs, recently someone mentioned that in India, a bonfire can draw up the image of the outlawed practice Sati. This westerner continues to learn...


Scully was here


I can't do this pose, I am so stiff in my hips and groin.


sudevi, the name firelog does not refer to agni/fire, and the manipura chakra, instead it refers to the stacking of the legs as one would stack firewood, or logs to be burned in a fire. It is indicative of the alignment of the legs resting paralell to one another rather than at an angle, like in padmasana. And yes, many schools simply call this "double pigeon".

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