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I am able to control breathing from right nosestril leaving by left months to gether day&night, without taping by fingers. Regular practice done by me at the age of 74 gives vigour/energy both in mind&body I have succeeded in this and feeling young &healthy.


What Asan should you take while practicing Suryabedhan Mudra?

Jnani Chapman

We are exploring Surya Bhedana with people in cancer treatment - chemotherapy, not radiation - to see if it helps warm the body without hyper activating their energy balance.

Kate Hallahan

Surya bhedana is typically used as a mildly energetic breath, appropriate for gently increasing mental energy and physical stamina, whereas chandra bhedana is a more cooling breath and is used as a mild calmative.

My understanding from both what I have been taught and what I have discovered through personal practice is that there is no problem with doing both of these breaths on the same day. I often do these two breaths for several minutes apiece, followed by several minutes of nadi sodhana (alternate nostril breathing). I hope this helps.

Gayatri Devi

It is said to not offer both breaths in one day...however in the instructions it appears that Chandra follows Surya in the same is it that one day you offer Surya and the next Chandra? thank you


Edgar Cayce recommends the Chandra bhedana to prepare for meditation... so I guess it helps relax the mind.


How does one know whether to do surya bhedana or chandra bhedana more depending upon what is unbalanced in th body?


I am still no clear about the benefits of Chandra Bhedana. From my experience, I have observed that it quietens the mind and in a way reduces the blood pressure.

However, I have not found anything on the internet which can substantiate that. Any proven benefits of Chandra Bhedana?


For information,

There were lot of details about Chandra Bhedana in ancient texts.

The real purpose of breathing technique is we must train ourselves to change the breathe from one nostril to others at any time.

One more important point is that both breathe at same day is good but it would happen to a healthy person.

Surya means daytime and Chandra means night. It is compared with the hot and cool. But the early morning and evening are the ideal climate for all living beings. As so our inner body cells would be in a pleasant mood at the middle of two opposite climate.

the above details are available in our ancient texts.

With regards.


why not do both breaths on the same day?

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