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You are right, Jenny. It's like squeezing your anus.


it is not external like a butt clench. Think of your inner sphincter muscles. The butt clench might help to find them, but try to release the external tension.


Thank you Natasha. Very helpful


I heard described as having the effect of energetic "clenching" at the base of the spine, as if a fist was clenched around the nerve endings coming together at the bottom of your spine, like holding a bundle of flower stems. when i think of it that way, the subtle effort seems to come naturally (although I still can't jump my feet through my hands in lolasana LOL)


Well it sounds to me just like "clenching" your butt together. When I do this, I do feel my perineal muscles lifting and crown extended, just as they mention


.I have been practicing yoga for 10 years an i still can't do Mula banda. I tried so may different ways nothing seem to work.


I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and still can't do the Root lock. I tired so many different ways nothing seem to work. I can't seem to find the muscles in my perineum.


This instruction would be 20 times more useful if it was accompanied by anatomical illustrations of the bones (and muscles) you're meant to move and the direction in which you're meant to move them.

I've been practicing for 4 years and I still can't follow what they're saying here. All we see here is a woman sitting cross-legged peacefully... Hmm, ok...


Leah, I agree the wording is not really right about breath leaking out. What they mean to say is that mula bandha keeps the prana from "leaking out" the bottom, not the breath. Perhaps prana sounds too esoteric so they substituted "breath" for "prana" - the two are related as prana means life force OR breath, but it is the breath on a deeper level as a manifestation of the energy of the life force.

I agree Mula Bandha is very beneficial and you really can't hurt yourself doing it, however it is very difficult to do it properly so I think they just mean it would be very difficult to figure out how to do it on your own. Also, some people mistake it to mean contracting the anus, which might cause constipation if done too enthusiastically.


what the stuff? breath cannot leak out your pelvis! (as is says in the "benefits" section). it can only go back out of your lungs through your mouth and nose

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