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I love Yoga! Been at for about 4 years now. The only "exercise" I've ever started trying and never gave up on. I practice at least 4 times a week. There is one thing I will bet to differ on about weight. I have a tummy - I'm not fat per se, but I have a tummy and it does get in my way to doing a forward bend as deeply as I know I could if it wasn't there, and it gets in my way for other poses as well. But I DO NOT let it discourage me, because no matter what, because like I said, yoga has been the ONLY activity I haven't had to stop because it hurt me in some way. Too much walking, my hips hurt, step aerobics, my knees hurt, Zumba, everything hurt, yoga, ahhh! Nothing hurts! And I have improved so much over these 4 years and able to do poses I never dreamed I could do!


Yoga is terrific for losing weight! You're really in the "fat burn" in traditional yoga (not yoga-aerobics like at the gym). Don't get discouraged by the awkwardness of it at first. Many of my students have difficulty kicking their legs through from downdogs to lunges/warrior 1. You may just have to put the knee down of the leg your NOT kicking through, stablize yourself and set up for lunge or warrior 1. But, if all you do at first is down dogs to develop strength, flex and breath, you're on your way! Keep in mind, many people have trouble w/ the poses due to their proportions--i.e. long femur bones, short arms etc. --has nothing to do w/ weight. Everyone has a struggle; on the other hand, I really believe everyone has a pose they're naturally good at--just have to find it!


Hi Asther, you can also use the wall. Facing the wall, walk all the way towards it, then place your palms on the wall just above your hip bones, fingertips pointing up. Then walk yourself back until your body is at a right angle--legs perpendicular to floor and spine parallel. This will gently stretch the spine and hamstrings until you're comfortable going deeper.


Hi Pearl,
I am overwieght too and am wanting to try yoga. I have been looking for a sequence designed for someone like me...out of shape, overweight and really tight in the legs and back. Well I found one I am going to try. It's called "Beginner's sequence for Mom and Dad." You can find it by using the search box at the top of the page. I do know it is going to be very difficult to perform some of these poses but eventually I hope to be able to advance to some harder poses. So, here's my advice to you (it's the same pep talk I told to myself): take it slow but not easy. You want to make your body works hard but don't hurt yourself. Take it two poses at a time if your need to in the beginning. The key is to set your mind to it and do it everyday. By the way, walking has helped me lose some weight. I walk about 20 min a day and have lost some weight in the last few weeks. Well that's all the advice I have. Good luck to you. You know you can do it!

There's also a lot of support in the blogs. Check it out!


I am overweigh and would like to learn yoga more to help my leg and lose weigh. I do have a diet that I am on. I just don't like running, jumping as matter of fact i hate them. but i do like the yoga. but some of the pose look so hard. how do i begin.


The ardha is a great way to focus on stretching your hamstrings instead of your lower back while forward bending. This is great for those of us trying to learn the splits and stuff.

Asther: if you are training for balance you can let them hang. Putting them on shins or knees is possible but you want to make sure you don't put too much weight on them or it may be hard to deepen the stretch. You could also use blocks or a chair I believe.


for beginner's tip, can i just let my hand hang or place my hand on either shins or knees which i feel comfortable??

LIliana Basile

Mitchel Blair
" I would like to see either a link to a talking dictionary so that the pose you are looking at and reading about can also be enunciated at the same time and/or a video link for that particular pose is demonstrated. " Michel Blair
Oh, yes!!!! it would be great!!!

Mitchel Blair

I would like to see either a link to a talking dictionary so that the pose you are looking at and reading about can also be enunciated at the same time and/or a video link for that particular pose is demonstrated.


this ia a good pose here to do when u have nothing to do at home .

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