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Everything seems to hurt during this posture.

I did all of my warm up postures, I try to 'tuck' my shins under my arms and everything that was described, but it hurts very badly - like a brush burn or like it is bruising my arms. I was able to balance once for about five seconds and then i fall in pain. I am not a "big" girl by any means...but maybe my torso is just too heavy for this? I know that sounds like the most ridiculous thing in the world, but does anyone have any advice? I am very frustrated because I want to be able to center myself so I can balance and the pain in my arms is very bad.

Tricia Ptak

The key to this and all arm balances is to shift the weight very slowly and lift one toe at a time to test your comfort level. When you are able to lift both toes, draw the belly to the spine and "puff" through the kidneys. Continue to play with the lift and puff until you draw your legs close to the body. Take flight!


I have tried this poses many times to no avail. I would get to the point of lift off, look at my toes and fall forward. I finally heard," look at the floor" and was able to get the feet off the mat and balance!


This pose as also certain others are not to be done by women at all, particularly if they want to have children or avoid complications of the uterus. Please consult the original Yoga texts that explain who should or should not do certain asanas.


i tried this and i got it right off the bat just try to relax it worked for me!!!!!!!!


i like this
and i think it is a little bad for younger kids looking at these poses


I have witnessed an injury just this week in class. It taught me that it is so very important to first off, listen to your body & secondly, distribution of weight. The lady in question, popped her thumb, possibly broken but more likely dislocated.

Perfecting this pose, safely, really requires a good warm up. Many salutations & downward dogs, planks, side planks, and cobras. Even a great hip opener in the Galand pose. But mostly, as you are in Galand to open up those hips, rotate your wrists from left to right, warming them up, and stretching them.
From Galand pose, you want to simply tilt forward with your arms infront of you, ready to take balance on the floor. Spread your fingers wide, like you would in downward dog, like a star and pay attention to where your weight is on your hand. You have four corners to your hand & this is where you want your weight to be distributed, not one point more than the other. Finally in an upside down squat, your toes are still touching the floor and all you need is a gentle hop up. *BUT BEFORE*, listen to your body. Do you feel akward, do feel you are not balanced, or do you feel you just can't do it? If you can't do it, it's no problem, you can practice on your tiptoes until you feel the confidence & strength. It could take 2 more practices, it can take 2 more years, there's no time limit! Being on your tiptoes still allows you to benefit from the pose, not as deep, but you'll get there.

Good luck... for those who like this pose and have not tried the Firefly... GO, DO IT!!!! Side Crow is also a nice variation, if you can do side crow, have fun with it & challenge yourself to extending your legs! :)

Don't forget your counter-posture for those wrists, in a standing forward bend, slipping your hands all the way under your feet until you can step on your wrists & gently massage them in this pose!




I started yoga as part of P90X, and I encountered this move during the yoga phase of the workout program. It took me about 2 months before I could really get the form down for the pose (I was doing yoga 1-2 times a week). Now, after about five months (and lots of other workouts), I can hold the pose for sixty seconds. I haven't attempted to hold it any longer because I don't want to overdo it and hurt my wrists. I hadn't done any yoga before I started P90X, and I do have to say I love it. It's a great compliment to my other more intensive weight training and cardio workouts. In fact, without yoga I don't think I could perform at my peak.


Carmen, so much depends on the individual.
I'm 65, so poses come slowly for me. I take classes 2-3 times a week and practice at home 2-3 times a week. I try to work mostly on difficult poses at home, since our class practice varies from week to week. If I work too much on arm balances, my wrists get sore and I need to take a break. Try the pose with help from a partner to get the feel of it. Be patient, be consistent in your practice, and the pose will happen for you.

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