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I can relate to rotator cuff issues, and Dr. Loren Fishman has an exercise to do to resolve injury in that area. Also, I learned from him and his yoga therapist a great technique for chaturunga - move from downdog to childs pose, put a block under your head and inhale to plank, pushing forward to the tips of your toes, then lowering to the block, keeping elbows pulled in but forearms perpendicular and not lowering shoulders beneath elbows. Then rise to upward dog (no sinking pelvis or legd to floor) on the inhale, exhale downward dog.


Love the idea of the rolled blanket. Judith Lassiter also suggests the use of a "hammock" created from a strap around the upper arms just above the elbows. This allows the torso to be suspended while one fine tunes other aspects of positioning.


I also tore my rotator cuff--or finished it off after gardening--doing Chaturanga Dandasana.


I totally severed my right rotator cuff doing chaturanga about 3 weeks ago. Roto coff surgery is not anything i would wish on anyone. No yoga for months!! Be very careful about the position of the arms in relation to the body. Get instruction fron someone who is really knowledgeable.


Thank you for the tips! I wasn't aware of the blanket as an assistant.


@Jenny, if you bring your elbows in toward your body, then you can lower all the way down without injury. Lowering all the way is the beauty and strenght of this pose otherwise it is just a plank.


It's very important to include a note about not lowering your body too far down, which is a really common mistake. You can seriously damage your rotator cuffs if you let your shoulders dip lower than your elbows.

joan stonehouse yoga teacher UK

It is important in this pose to remember to extend the heels towards the wall behind you very strongly. This ensure you practice a "divided stretch" which makes your mid-section lighter and thus easier to lift


is there a video for chaturanga?


wrists hurting after this one

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