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Neotropic Nietzsche

Try striking this pose as soon as you wake up, starting from a lying facedown position, before getting out of bed. Try to recall any dreams you may have had. Write them down. Begin your day. This is a great way to reset your mind and body and start each day fresh.


I have been advised by my physiotherapist to discontinue any poses that involve forward bending...( have severely degenerated lumbar discs with spurs). My question is - is child's pose considered forward bending? I know that downdog and seated touching toes are but until reading the above hadn't been sure about child's pose.


Recently, I experienced pain in my knees and outer legs while doing childs pose...which is odd because normally I can relax into it. I was told to roll up my yoga mat while doing the pose and rest. After a about a week and the pain getting worse I went to a trusted practioner and found out it was my IT band. I have went through therapy. Do you have any modifications I can do so I will be able to do childs pose without strain and irratation?


When I do child's pose all the blood rushes to my head and it feels like it's going to explode!! Am I doing this right?


because you arent doing the stretch right try icing it then go to the doctor if the pain gets worse


When I do child's pose, I get a pain in my upper back. Why might this be?


I'm very overweight and my huge stomached gets in the way. Is there a variation I can do?


In Bala asana ( bala=child) your hips must be resting on your heels. You have to exhale air from lungs and bend forward resting your chest on your folded knees.
Children automatically do before sleep on the floor if you do not interfere.
It imporves digestion,that is the biggest benefit.
gap between the thighs.
hips not touching the heels
you can put your face down with cheek touching the floor.


I find this pose very relaxing

anuj juneja

should one do deep breathing or just lie in this pose without deep breaths?

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