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front torso is the front of your upper body. The part that is above your waist, generally.

Think of torso as upper body when you hinge your hips and bend forward, the part that raises when your lift back up.


is this pose dangerous for females? does it affect the ovaries?


If you are lengthening the torso and keeping the spine stable the abs are in isometric contraction the whole time- in a sit up the abs are flexing the spine- con/eccentric contraction- so the pose would not be a standing sit up- because the abs are supporting spinal extension- not flexion
I have never done the pose so I dont know- best guess tho.


what is meant by "front torso" ?

Here is a very basic, practical pose for you to try. Though this description doesn't mention it, this pose is really great up against a wall.


In all respect, is this not more of a standing form of a sit-up, since the elongated torso is maintained throughout? i.e. #5 states do not roll the spine to come up and #1 states the emphasis is on lengthening the front torso. Just a thought.


i think it is a natuaral movement of the body bonnie. dangers are for the weak and incomplete.


Bonnie, I've been reading a lot McGill's work and really am really not sure what yoga postures I should be doing anymore! Have you seen any guidance anywhere or is the yoga community simply in denial?


Yoga is a 5, 000 year old and biomechanics has only emerged 30 years ago. There are ways to practice so you don't get hurt. There are many spinal injuries caused by mainstream sports such as hockey and football, but do these injuries and sports receive critical ananlysis as stated by Bonnie from Toronto?

Bonnie, Toronto

Stuart McGill, a professor spinal biomechanics in Canada, is teaching yoga teachers about the dangers of this pose. Basically it's a standing form of the crunch, which is a brutal move for the spine.

Why is Yoga Journal not reporting on Professor McGill's findings?

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