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Re: Jen's comment above, for 8 months I have been suffering from a "pinched nerve" in my cervical spine from doing plow pose/shoulder stand that has turned into a chronic, very debilitating and distressing condition. I deeply regret what happened and would counsel others, especially over 40, to avoid this pose.


After being in this pose for 45 to 50 seconds some hot fluid like thing flowing feeling in the upper left quadrent(behind lower left ribs) is coming.can anyone explain why am I having this sensation,please.


This is one of a number of poses that William Broad identifies as causing injury in his important 2013 book, The Science of Yoga. Yoga Journal, we need you to take the lead on the issue of yoga injuries, and the importance of modifying poses that put undue strain on joints, the neck, etc., and which can cause serious, long-term injury.

George Vincent

Very good


i'm doing a report on this pose for school and just tried it out of sheer curiosity.... ouch!


You said it beautifully. (feel your body and listen to it not only for yoga for everything-else in your life). It has the wisdom beyond your mind.

Lee Ann

I agree with Pat. I am new to yoga, and although I modified this pose (legs vertical against the wall), the after effects were dizziness and uncomfortable feeling in shoulders and neck for about a week from too much pressure on the neck (even though it didn't bother me much during the pose). I would not recommend this at all for beginners without plenty of blankets to support the head and neck.


if I'm staying in this pose for 10 minutes, is it ok?


how do you do the pose without hurting urself???

Pat Washington

I think this was a great article. It helps to know there are different ways to do this pose but as with all exercise use caution all poses arent for everyone. Use common sense know and your bodies limitations. I do plow in a chair or on a wall and with my knees bent (feet are on the wall for support). There is a valuable lesson in doing yoga NO TWO PEOPLE WILL EXPERIENCE THE SAME POSE IN THE SAME WAY, I learned this after trying to so something like someone else and quickly learned that my body will never move the way someone elses does. I teach yoga with this as my number one mission statement.. Feel your body and listen to what is tells you. If it says don't do it LISTEN.

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