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If your elbows and wrists are hurting, you may be tilting your legs/back a bit and/or are putting too much pressure into your arms. I'd work on core strengthening to help you hold the pose with ease. Your arms are there to support your back and help straighten it, not to hold all of the weight. You can also try bending your knees and bringing them towards your ears to release some of the pressure. Or simply lay on your back with your legs up the wall to get the same benefit.


just not able to do this. I am able to do wheel, etc. My teacher tells me that my wrists are not too strong, it hurts in my elbows when i am doing this. i am able to lift my legs up etc. do it with the help of a wall. But i am not able to retain the position. I feel like the entire body may invert and my neck will be sprained. How do i overcome this fear...


I too, have a sensitive neck. What probably happened is something caught your eye to the side of you and you looked one way or the other. The cervical spine is highly sensitive, especially in this pose, and even the smallest movement can cause pain. I don't know much about hormone therapy but I'm betting it was something as simple as turning your head. I would recommend staying away from shoulder stand for a while and then gradually come back, starting with plow and working your way up.


With fibromyalgia you would want to be kind on your neck. Instead of shoulderstand, try legs-up-the-wall pose (a variation on viparita karina) in which you lie on a blanket with straight legs stretched to a wall mearby.

Christine Crescenzi

I have fibromyalgia. Is there a pose that develops what is needed to do shoulder stand? Or is there a pose, which does the same thing wintout putting strain on the neck?
I am trying to find out what poses help the thyroid as well as the adrenal glands. Any help is greatly appreciated.


I stayed in this pose for 30 sec the first day and 1,5 min the second day. The thirda day I woke up with a migraine which lasted 4 days - why do you think this happened? I am on bio-identical hormones for menopause and was wondering if this could have anything to do with it?


Just curious. in the photo it looks as though the model's arms are at a 30 degree angle from her body. but the instructions say not to let "the elbows slide too much wider than shoulder width". am i not reading this correctly?


Hi Devapriya - a good practice to get into is to keep the chin away from the chest. This has the effect of creating space in the front of the neck to facilitate easier breathing and also activates Jalandara Bandha (Tha) - protecting the back of the neck. An instructor should be able to slide a couple of fingers just behind the neck.


Can anyone tell me if it's okay to stay in salamba sarvangasana for more than 30 min? ...and if so, is there any "recommended maximum" length of time to hold this pose? ...and the reason for the duration limit?

I've been doing this pose daily for well over 30 years (i actually practice niralamba sarvangasana instead) & have often wondered if I've been staying in it for too long.


Hey Devapriya from PA,

I'm not a bodybuilder, just a regular girl who had tons of trouble with this pose in the beginning. What you need to do is practice many spinal twists and open up the thoracic are of the spine... ie. the upper back and between the shoulders. Focus on these areas for an hour long practice. Then when you're ready to go for it, make sure to have your chin tucked in close to your neck, as though you want to make a double chin....this way your air flow wont be restricted. Let me know if this helps!

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