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what is really the best amount of time to do the headstand for optimum benefits.


Anyone with glaucoma should NEVER do headstands! There are several articles in peer reviewed medical journals that indicate eye pressures can rise dramatically and remain so for hours. This can lead to serious loss of peripheral vision, which is often difficult to notice until it is too late. I was only 28 when diagnosed with glaucoma, with no family history. Please be cautious! Also some increase risk of retinal detachment.

ram india

human beings can reach trance by doing sirsasana hours together


Can someone explain me why Virasana, Uttanasana and Salamba Sarvangasana should be the preparatory poses for Headstand?? I would say it should rather be Dolphin pose, Pincha Mayurasana, Anahatasana and Gomukhasana arms, which warm up the shoulders for Sirsasana...


can i practice headstand moment i wake up early in the morning at times before emptying the bowels?


This is called the king of asanas and a very important pose especially for concentration and meditation. However it should not be attempted by folks suffering from hi blood pressure or retinal problems and glaucoma. Or if one is overweight.
Though one can use the support of a wall if you are doing inversion for the first time. It's best not to take support and raise the legs with control at all times. The way we learnt in India was not to have any pressure on the head and neck initially. Once you're experienced the head and neck can take some pressure however the forearm and shoulder are supporting majority of the weight.
This is not taught in US as much as it should be. Encourage everyone to try it out.


tooooooooo good


I would say that shoulderstand is easier to do do but it depends on che health oficial your lower back and how strong your abs aré


Never ever hop of the floor! This is dangerous for your neck, and you can easily topple over. Just walk your feet towards your head, then your feet will come off the floor automatically just through the shifting ballance! at every point of your lifting up/coming down again you should be able to stop and hang completely still in the air.
This is the only correct way. In full control, with optimal concentration and without any danger of injuring your body.

Mukti Hooda

one should practice this sirsasana under expert guidance otherwise it may cause severe neck or back injury...

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