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I can't seem to do inversions. Is this the best starter position?


i am loving this pose and am going to attempt to teach it in class next week. nice to read the comments above.


I am 64 and have been standing on my head on occasions. I know I feel better after doing a head stand but my husband thinks I am getting too old to do this. Can you give me the benifits of a head stand so I can convience him that this is okay and has physical benifits instead of harm to my neck or spine.


I just started to learn this pose and the first thing that my teacher taught me was to start it with trying to stand up and then doing a summerasault forward, learn to quickly untie the hands and fall over without any pain. that took away the fear of falling over. helped me a lot =)


This is a hard pose for me. As a yoga teacher I find it a constant struggle to practice what I preach. I try not to encourage the wall as you may never leave the safety of it. I struggle to stay up for longer than 30 seconds, but the sense of accomplishment is brilliant!!

Joyce Kennedy

this was my ultimate pose achieved. It probably took me 3weeks to finally did this on my own. My husband had to help me twice to put my feet on the wall but it's all worth it. For some reasons, all the pain on stretches I do before this is washed away with this final pose.


Do I need to lock my fingers


I like to share my experience on my several attempts to do this headstand position. When I was in upside down position (even for like 10-15 second), I often experience gradual flush on my face, tears in my eyes, nose slowly gets stuffy and eventually unable to breath through the nose, slowing lost my hearing. Basically, the feeling of being choke and as if the face is going to explode. Do you guys experience this? How do you cope and prevent these symptoms from happening? I love this pose but can never be able to excute it well due to these symptoms...sadly. Fortunately, I have no problem in doing shoulder stand.


What about strokes? Isn't this pose dangerous? The brain is gonna have a REALLY high blood pressure (about 160/110!).


Julie - The prep poses are all optional, except for adho mukha (down dog). think about what areas of the body need to be warmed and educated, and in what directions, in the final pose to figure out the best preparatory poses. Sat Nam!

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