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just looking at down dog hurts! Thanks for your thoughts and good wishes.


Natasha Rizopoulos' teachings are amazing.
If I may segue from her TM to align your flow, I find this pose helpful after jala neti pot use to encourage the last of saline rinse to flow out. Be mindful and sensitive but it is better than a flow of rinse spontaneously coming out in front of your audience.

james beale

great information, wish I found your site earlier


Joyce, my sister had ocular surgery last year and was unable to tolerate dd due to the ocular pressure. We did a couple of variations for her- Puppy pose or high child's pose with no dumping in the chest or a wide leg dolphin (which she preferred and gave her no pressure)


I have DeQuervain's Tendonitis (swelling of the tendons that connect to the thumb) and I find it helpful to spread the fingers but keep my thumbs close to my index fingers. This keeps those already-overworked tendons from having to help support my weight through my wrists, thus relieving pain.


Please tell people that a major contraindication for downward facing dog is glaucoma! This is never addressed and has become a big problem!!!

sunder lal dhruve

I have been suffering from hernia since 1year
pls tell about yoga which may go away hernia



We are having trouble conceiving. I have a problem with uterus lining being thin. Which yoga pose will increase the blood circulation to uterus?


Cupping the palm protects the should feel the forearms fire up. The meridian nerve runs from the underside of the forearm into the palm and getting the pressure off this site is imperative to have a healthy pose. As for becomes an inner language, sit with the information, close your eyes and see your inner body then explore those directives. It may help.


What does it mean to "Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of your pelvis and press it lightly toward the pubis." (step 2)?

What does it mean to "Firm the outer thighs and roll the upper thighs inward slightly. Narrow the front of the pelvis." (step 3)?

Apparently, THIS is why I can't do downward dog, or yoga......I have no idea what any of these instructions mean.............

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