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Thanks Marla & Pat. I was wondering about that!


I also teach and practice this pose without allowing the knees to project over the ankles. Although most of the weight is shifted to the heels, the feet are pressed down and out engaging the inner thighs, pelvis slightly tucked, taking pressure off of the lower back. Much safer for the knees.


I do this pose WITHOUT allowing the knees to go beyond the feet and shift your weight to the heels primarily. This variation is easier on knees and engages glutes and thighs more deeply...and is safer. Also really reach back with tail as you come into it.


Is this one of the pose that is an exception to the rule "knee under ankle"?


wow I done my yoga poses then tried this out and it really done MY hips wonders! Lower back stretched too and I feel great!


This is the one pose that I cannot make peace with. I find it difficult and every time my instructor cues it, I groan! Any suggestions as to how I can welcome this pose rather than feel annoyed by it?


Many variations on this pose. Different alignments for different goals. I feel the most important thing to remember however is to push with the heels as a means of activating the deep hip extensors as well as abductor muscles. This also takes stress off of the knee joint. Spine and arm alignment seem to be attempting an upward dog quality which is not uncommon.


BKS Iyengar's latest book does not include Utkatasana at all, as far as I can see. I have been referring to Donna Farhi's Yoga Mind Body and Spirit for guidance on this. Her alignment is wonderful, with knees above feet.


I agree - and the arm/spine position looks odd to me too - if he was shifting more back onto his heels, and had his arms out in front at 60 degrees, then there would be less curve to the spine, which is how I thought it was supposed to be.


I agree with Katie about the knees extending past the toes. I was surprise to see the same thing in Iyengar's book Light on Yoga. His knees extend way beyond his toes and I've always been taught (and teach) to not letting the knees extend past the toes.

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