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N K Srinivasan

This is a great pose,but very difficult for many beginners...It is better to keep a blanket for support below the chest before bending over...Be careful not to strain your neck which is weak for many people...If you have been practising camel pose for at least a month, this pose should be easy...But always avoid dizziness while doing the pose...


The body has a natural intelligence,and in our over active stressful lives we are used to ignoring it. We also have a tendency to think yoga will always help, but a misapplication or poor timing can hinder. If you are getting dizzy or blacking out it may not be time for this pose. I suggest that you honor your body's signals, and instead of going for a rush, work with the predatory poses. If I recall correctly, the yoga sutras say an asana is any pose done with ease. You might enjoy this web site, for a different perspective than what you are getting here.


why are the model's knees hyper-extended?

A student of mine is experiencing dizziness and nausia...the latter being an emotional response as it is a very vulnerable pose exposing the heart centre and throat. Work thru it, keep your eyes open, let your breathe be soft and calm. Connect with your inner observer and notice what comes to the surface...breathe thru the sensations...and let them flow away....on another note, I once release a big chunk of emotion in that pose...when I's like a roar coming from deep within and a big le tit out courageous and you will feel much stronger and grounded afterwards...Namaste Diane


its gud..............


why we keep the eyes open in this pose or camel pose?


Thank you Kathleen. I feel kind of dizzi too. Its been 65 days of training so far and i feel the dizziness for the past 10 days.. Your words adds some hope.


very good i like!!!

Anastasiya Brazhnykova

All the time I come out of this pose I always black out for a sec....the pose feels very good thought. Nice stretch, nice openings, but when this is time to get up I know I will black out....

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