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Alicia Stars

About two years ago, I was able to achieve this pose relatvely easy. One year back, I had a surgery (partial patellar tendon tear). And now I cannot even sit my buttocks on the floor between my legs. My previously injured knee just hurts so much.



after this pose i fell sleepy


I have found that there are 3 areas of stiffness which prevents the pose from being achieved:
Stiff ankles making this difficult for the practitioner to have top of feet on floor, sickling of feet is the term used for feet that stick outwards and not in line with the calves. Here placing a sock or rolled blanket under the ankles can ease pain here. The other is a stiff lower back or lower back pain. Here folding blankets and lying on them helps and stacking them as high as is needed. Thirdly the knees. I practised this when I suffered bursitis in hte knee and placed a small face towel between the back of the knee joints. This helped with that problem. There is a fourth problem and that is tight quadraceps but that is when you know you can't sit between your ankles. I prescribe sitting in hero pose as often as possible to stretch the whole area little by little. Taking this too fast leads to problems. x

N K Srinivasan

My experience tells me that one should do bridge pose for a few days at least before attempting this. One can do this pose with less strain by keeping some support for the upper back .The legs can be folded in Padmasana or sukhasana. Raise the arms to come out of this pose...One can also attempt fish pose along with this pose.


Karen! this pose is not recommended for people with knee injuries. You have to go slowly and stop if you feel any discomfort in your knee.


Jen No your sitting bones shouldn't remain on the floor as you recline. Lie back gradually, tucking your tail (coccyx) under you progressively as you go - lengthening the spine. You shuoldn't have any compression. Beware - reclining fully takes time and patience.


I dislocated my left knee several times as a teenager. I'm in my 40s now, and although I have no knee pain whatsoever, this pose just scares me. I can feel a sort of "space" between the bones in my knee when I do this pose. Is that normal?


When I move from Seated Hero to Reclining Hero, should my sitting bones remain in direct connection with the floor? I feel compression in the low back when I do this.


The arch is normal and what an amazing and relaxing pose this is


Is a little arch forming in the lower back normal? Or should all my back be flat on the floor?

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