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This would make a great video as well. When I was reading your blog I thought you were describing pyriformis syndrome (which I have also had). I wish I would have known more about this kind of stretching before I had a release surgery.


@Mary Beth yeah this angle of the right leg is a bit more advanced and will be way too stressful on someone who has tight IT bands, but the front foot should be in line with the back leg, which should be squared with your hip and disappearing behind you. the front knee should NOT be directly in front of the hip, but out to the side. To make the posture easier, pull that front foot closer to the opposite hip (in this photo, the right foot would be closer to the left hip to ease the tension)

Mary Beth

The right angle shown the right leg/knee in the picture is a very contra-indicated move and puts torque on the ligaments and tendons per information that has come from my nationally recogonized itness certifications. Should not the right foot be more in line toward the left quad/thigh?

Lesley Dike

Please see my comments about Eka Padagustasana.
For many people with sciatica, this pose is way too strong and will stress the sciatic nerve in the buttock. In an estimated 40% of people, the sciatic nerve actually goes through the belly of the muscle and so you can damage the nerve by overstretching piriformis. Please consult a qualified bodyworker before trying to treat this yourself!


@Karen I: It says "great tips." She isn't offering tips, she is saying that these ARE great tips :)

Antonio Sánchez

Great tips. I am a yoga student-been for years. I am 70 and feeling younger every day..thanks.

karen l

is that the right beginner's tip? i'm not understanding how to apply.


How come you can't click on Utthita Parsvakonasana?


Yes, your teacher is correct, if you go all the way down to the floor, your not getting the stretch, so you need to hug up through the inner thighs to make it more challenging :)


Meredith, my teacher also gave me this instruction. She wants you to lift up so that you can work on building strength because you are already so open. The pose is technically done the way you were originally performing it but you won't get any thing out of it if you do what is easy for you all the time. Thoughts?

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