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Luke Ferber RYT

Not an accurate photo of the pose. Head should be down extending through the crown of the head. Rhomboids engaged with a flat back, no curve in the spine as seen here. Just want to spread health and not further incorrect alignment. Namaste :)

Michaelle Edwards of YogAlign

This pose makes no anatomical sense. We have to bend at least one knee to move so keeping both legs straight is like driving with the brakes on in the car. To take off the brake and do a yoga poses that simulates how you actually use your body in real life, keep the knee of the standing foot bent deeply and extend the ankle of the lifted back foot strongly, keep your arms out to your sides in a V shape with your fingers wide open. Dont look up . Keep your neck in neutral. This will simulate movements like skating or skiing. Nobody can move without bending at least one knee so adapt this pose so that it follows your natural human design.

Kara Miller

I tell my students to use the glute to lift the leg while flexing the foot. It really helps with lift and stability of the pose.

Susan Holbrook

To Katie, Engage your quads and hamstrings. Don't collapse into your joints, lift up and out, while rooting down with standing leg.
Using chair and, better wall and blocks is just great so that this wonderful pose can be experienced by older, or less athletic Yogis.

Alexandrea Ward

I can finally do this pose. I can't hold it for long but I"m getting there :).


Any tips to keep my standing leg from locking in this pose?


In response to Jay: I agree that the written instructions are no substitute for a living breathing teacher who can talk you through each pose, however, as a teacher I find that Yoga Journal is an invaluable resource. When I need to be reminded on how to break down a pose for a beginner class, I come to these articles. When I'm running short on ideas and inspiration, I come to these articles. There is no detail left out and I'm able to take from it what I need and leave the rest.


I used to struggle with the warrior pose when I first started out with Yoga. I've been practicing for about 6 years now. My CORE is a lot stronger and so is my FOCUS and CONCENTRATION. Yoga is all a process though, I still have my moments when I wabble and fall out of a pose, which means I can just pick myself back up and come back into it... The breath is very important, it calms the nervous system and helps get CONNECTED with the SELF. I LOVE it whenever my Yoga instructor says, "Ok, let's going into a BALANCING pose!" Fun times, fun times... God Bless<><3<>


I hate the way you describe the poses. They're exact in the sense that it's impossible to be flexible. There's no energy flow in the way you describe all these poses. There's so much more to yoga than breathing in for 30 seconds to a minute. The Yoga Journal is a failure.


Practicing a good while but this warrior lll kicks my butt everytime too, and I keep coming back! It's the balance thing.

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