Basic Postures
By Su
Easy Pose

Begin in a seated meditative pose. Unattach mind to thoughts. Breathe in and out of nose, slow, smooth, steady, even breathing. Sit for five, ten minutes or longer. Calm the mind, body, spirit. What is your greatest desire? What do you hope for the most? Remember the past does not equal the future (ref: Tony Robbins).
Cow Pose

Come to All Fours position. Hands flat, fingers wide, under shoulders. Knees under hips. On inhale, lift chin without crunching back of neck. Turn tail up. Feel a stretch across the skin of neck and abdomen. Open the heart. Extend the spine. Good for warming up and exercising spine.
Cat Pose

On an exhale, pull navel into spine, rounding the back (aka flexing the spine), tuck the chin and tail. Repeat Cow pose (inhale) and Cat pose (exhale) several times. Move with the breathe.
Mountain Pose

Stand tall in Mountain Pose. Root through the feet. Keep strong legs. Pull in abdomen and hug rib cage. Shoulders pressed back and down away from ears, keep neck long. Press the crown of the head to the sky. Stand tall and confident but not proud, keep humble. Hold for several breaths.
Urdhva Hastasana
Upward Salute

Keeping the basics of Mountain pose, reach hands and arms out and up while inhaling (also look up!). Exhale hands and arms down to sides. Inhale up and exhale down, several times. Move the arms as if you were pushing through water. Move with the breathing. Be happy!
Tree Pose

Start with Hands in Prayer in front of heart. Bend right knee to side, kick stand the right foot by leaning the heal on inside of the opposite (left) ankle. Toes of the right foot on the floor. For more challenge lift the right foot up to the inside of the left calf or thigh. Careful not to place foot on inside of knee. When you have your balance reach the hands up to the sky. Repeat on other side. Standing balance postures help us to strengthen our concentration also lets us know we need to seek balancing our lives.
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