Teach Kids Yoga: I AM Yogi Twist Flash Cards

I AM Yogi Twist™ Flash Cards, a new game from yoga-teacher-to-the-stars Alanna Zabel, is a fun and silly way to teach kids yoga postures.

Last spring, we told you about yoga-teacher-to-the-stars Alanna Zabel’s latest book for kids, Asana’s First Yoga Class. Now, Zabel and AZIAM Books are back with I AM Yogi Twist™ Flash Cards, a new game that teaches the Hatha Yoga postures and makes yoga extra fun and silly for children ages 4 and up.

“I have been teaching children’s yoga camps for over 15 years, and I believe that we are more present and open to learning when we are relaxed and having fun,” Zabel says. “I greatly enjoy playing games with children, while still teaching the foundational nuggets of yoga and healthy living.”

What Kids Get Out of Game

I AM Yogi Twist™ not only teaches child-friendly postures like Tree Pose, Butterfly Pose (aka Bound Angle), Frog Pose, and Grasshopper Pose, it also gets kids acting out positive (and sometimes positively silly) I AM themes—for example, “I AM Happy.”

“As adults, this is basically what we are doing on the mat—reprogramming our personal beliefs about ourselves and our world to be more positive,” Zabel says. “What better way to set this healthy pattern in children’s minds than with a fun yoga game?”

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How the Yoga Game Works

Game play is simple yet requires some coordination and creativity (adult supervision is advised). First, you separate the “Yogi” deck of cards from the “I AM” deck. The first player selects the top Yogi card. If he or she correctly identifies the yoga pose (for example, Tree Pose), he or she must perform that posture while demonstrating an emotion or action drawn from the I AM deck (such as Singing, Silly, Monkey Howl, Loved As I AM, Laughing, Howling, and Making the World a Better Place). Try doing a Monkey Howl in Tree Pose, and you get why this is a fun game for kids.

“The random combination of emotions and poses creates limitless fun and creativity,” Zabel says. “I actually love that kids sometimes make up their own rules and variations because they are having so much fun. More power to them—it’s all about positive play!”

I AM Yogi Twist™ ($18.95) is available at AZIAM’s online store, Amazon, and select bookstores nationwide.

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