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Dear Friends,
I am living with the great pain of losing my 30 years marriage to a 26 year old lover that my husband has met last year. Since then, your advices, practices and ideas are helping me go through this time. Last Friday, my husband invited me to have dinner with him, I went and we had a great time together. I do nto know if we will be together again, but I know yoga is really helping me put my feelings in order. Thank you. Paula Lyra - Amazon, Brazil


Thanks for this advice. Very concrete ways of dealing with
negative energy. I appreciatea these tips.


thank you for the image of the inner heart in that hollow spot...a small new insight to a gentler truth

feeling the way, article. I am glad to finally see humanity beginning their journey inward. There is more room in broken heart for a causes self to get rid of old ideas of what love truly means to them, and allows for the new to emerge. Humanity for far too long as seen themselves as being apart from GOD (whatever their own idea of that is), when instead we should remember that we are A PART OF GOD, the breath of life. The quantum feild already has given a great definition of spirit in the movie, What the Bleep do we know. Helping one to understand that internal world better and to become master of the emotional state of being. Emotions serve their purpose, the engrain your life experiences to your soul (like the way a record is made), to teach the spirit....its why we have experience.......question is how often do we pay attention?.....we usually dont until something knocks us down and makes us look...ahhh clarity is a beautiful thing

Jutta Olli

I loved this article and the incredible massage of our inner strength.I am in a place of dealing with my partners deception with another woman,whom I know and my daughter's 1st school year and with constant dizzyness even though all medical problems has been ruled out.I am in a classic state of stress,anger,frustration,hurt,you name it I feel it.At the same time I wake up in the morning and enjoy my time with my daughter before school,kiss my partner and wish him good day-regardless...and when I am alone I spend unhealthy amount of time in anger and "what if's" and "how could he have's" and "should i leave him's and you name it.I get upset in the traffic I kick chairs that are on my way at the house and at the same time I affirm how powerful and loved I am and should be.I am a mess and I felt that your article has given me a great reason to get on the mat again.The mat got me through my mother's death as I felt the pain taken over by peace and serenity.The mat has so often given me back my self-respect and sense of self-worth.It is amazing that I can drop of the wagon and go through weeks without stepping on it.My elotional turmoil has been going on so long and I would like to thank you for making me see that there is one place that always delivers when it comes giving me my power back, giving me back the me I recognise and cherish.I am determined to step back on the mat and find my heart center and truly look into it because I know there is so much beauty in mine and so much peace to be discovered in the midts of these turbulent

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