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I just love my hot yoga, addicted to it! I drink a lot of water throughout the day before class and also after.


105, 40% is the recommended temp/humidity in Bikram Yoga


The first time I took Bikram, 7 years ago, I thought, I was going to die, I couldn't breathe, I thought everyone was crazy, and I was never going back. But I woke up after a 6 hour nap and felt something cellular happening, tingling, and I thought, oh no, now, I owe to myself to do the 2 week unlimited pass for $20.00. The owner of the studio said, if you really want to get into it, go 60 days straight, and on day 55, I finally understood what she meant. I stopped having thoughts that I might die, and the heat stopped bothering me. I still go but only 2 - 3 times a week and other types of yoga 2-3 times a week. I have never regretted going to Bikram, and but also avoid teachers who do not open the doors for fresh air at times. I drink a lot of coconut water and not Gaiteraid because it has corn fructose syrup -- a 95% chance from a Genetically Modified corn (Recently I heard that 75% of GMOs are designed to sell Round Up and 25% have the Bt virus inside of it.) Also, I heard from a Virus / Vaccine specialist that GMOs are unstable and often cause tumors and infertility because the insertion of gene into the DNA is random--there is an "on" and "activation" section, the virus, and then a "marker" to see if the insertion worked. But the "on" switch can turn other latent viruses in the dna on, therefore, it causes genetic problems that are now being passed down to fetuses. I heard 90 to 95% of corn, soy, canola and sugar (unless cane sugar) is actually GMO and the seeds are patented by chemical companies pushing also for alphafa (4th largest crop in the US) and some corporations are pushing for GMO Salmon. Well, this is where yoga has led me to become aware these days.


Alyssa and Brenda. - try fesh fruit after your class. i always keep some in my car and eat it immediatly afterward on the drive . this is what your body really needs . not just water. try bananas. apples. .grapes cubed melon and watermelon is great in the summertime.not just after class but everyday anytime during the day. stay off the mcdonalds fries and Alyssa you need to inform your self about the dangers of dehydration. this is not your teachers fault.


I live in Seattle. 6 years ago I took classes from a Bikram strict studio. There I was demeaned- my knees do not bend as others'; I saw people exhorted to go beyond their best welfare- purple faces and scary gasping; saw people refused to be allowed to leave! and they sat humbly! When a certain type of yelling sounded out of control - I took my health and mental clarity and left the room.

I now practice hot yoga in another studio where some of the big 26 poses are taught. I flourish from 90 minute classes with long holds on poses.

I appreciate the comment about coconut water - it never gives me a good feeling- I use gatorade. I am 62- my poses do not last as long as the 20-30 year olds, but I am the oldest one practicing in the studio where I atttend and my instructors and i have come to peace with my modifications. I plan to get certified to teach older adults- BUT not likely hot yoga. It carries dangers which for many who have not exercised as a lifetime practice or don't have body awareness can be life-threatening.


I just returned from a Bikram Yoga class. The room seemed much hotter than at other times--even an instructor taking the class thought it was too hot. I have a bad headache and felt a little nauseated after the class--which I attribute to dehydration. This was my 4th time, and I can't say I enjoy it. I am exhausted when I leave and I am in good shape. I think I will stick with my yoga instructor who teaches Kirpalu--relaxing, meditative, and we do a lot of the same poses, but it doesn't seem so difficult as with BY. I also worried about heat stroke.


I just returned to Bikram after nearly 2 1/2 years. I am still recovering 3 hours later from dehydration and maybe even heat exhaustion. I went in after all this time thinking I would be fine. I didn't consider whether or not I was hydrated before hand or aclimated to the heat. It would be helpful if Bikram teachers would remind people of the dangers and syptoms of dehydration. I never left the room because I know it is discouraged, but I will be much more cautious next time and listen to my body first!


I took a Bikram class wednesday 6:30pm night and nearly fainted. This was not my first class, i have taken nealy 40 classes in the past year, usually 4-5 classes in a week. This time the room seemed to hot, maybe 107-110 degrees. It is now thursday night 10:30 pm and I am still dizzy. I have been drinking lots of water electrolytes and nearly fell when I went to get up just now. How much longer should i wait before going to the Dr? Is there anything else I should try? feeling woozie still. Brenda


a comment on adding minerals to the body good idea however gatrade which is full of sugar and food coloring is conter productive to the detoxifying effects of Hot Yoga.. a healthy alternative is coconut water..


The original Hot Yoga series was created by Bikram Choudhury, born 1946 in Calcutta, India. Bikram Choudhury’s Guru was Bishnu Ghosh, younger brother of Paramahansa Yogananda, author of “The Autobiography of a Yogi” and founder of the Self-Realization Fellowship in 1920.

Hot Yoga is not as much a trend as it is a condition of the room mimicked after the hot temperatures in Calcutta, India from which the series caries it’s lineage. It is a practice which promotes healing and maintenance of all the systems of the human form, bringing health and balance to the body, in order to bring concentration to the mind.

When practiced in a safely heated environment which has air circulating, heat and humidity kept to promote healthy sweating, it is a curative method of yoga therapy.

I would encourage anyone who has had an uncomfortable experience in a hot yoga class to try another teacher or studio until they have found one that is lovingly delivered with the student’s health in mind.

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