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A fantastic article, but I disagree with the opening sentence; Pilates can have both spiritual and meditative benefits. By striving to be mindful during Pilates it becomes a moving mindfulness meditation and a Pilates class can be as spiritual as a yoga class, it depends on your intention.

David Fink

I've also been playing around with adapting asanas on to the wunda chair. Great for if you have lose ligaments.

David Fink

I've also been playing around with adapting asanas on to the wunda chair. Great for if you have lose ligaments.

Fuller Yoga

Yea! Being a dancer, pilates instructor and yoga teacher there are so many correlations between these two great disciplines. Knowing pilates has allowed me to completely transform my yoga students practice. I opened a Fuller Yoga Pilates and Massage 6 years ago and it's wonderful to see the yoga scene give some well deserved props to good ol Joe. Who knows maybe Feldendrais is next!


To be a "closed mind" person is against Yoga, so much people that called themselves yogis just because they take asanas clases or teach asanas are the opposite of an open mind, and yoga teach love and wisdom. Who says that the body and anatomy wisdom is against yoga or spirituality? Very funny that! But is sad to see so many people thinking that! Get a better and longer life! Do Pilates with your yoga or another practice, physical or spiritual. Itīs quality of life, you are not just spirit, remember you are still muscles and bones ;)

vikram sivayoga

core strength training and pilates assist in faster development of the core which benefits yoga asanas tremendously. various asan remain out of reach for beginners without the core. Reps in yoga are similar to pilates - it depends on the teacher to develop a program to further the progress of their students using various techniques. The focus should remain from outside - in.


Great article! Here's another good one, called Yoga and Pilates: What's the Difference (originally on It explores the technical similarities and differences of breath, range of motion and the application of bandhas in Pilates. Here's the url to copy and paste:


Pilates and yoga can be excellent complementary practices. There are as many ways to practice Pilates as there are yoga, so it's important to find something that works for you. Here's another very technical comparison of yoga and Pilates from Sherri Betz, a physical therapist and lifelong Pilates and yoga practitioner, on She explores range of motion, breath and bandhas. The article is called <a href=">Yoga and Pilates: What's the Difference?</a>

Albert Wang

I like the artical very much. I am going to learn the Pilates and read the book ''Return to Life through Contrology by Joseph H. Pilates''


Practise Pilates ?? Absolutely not !! Goes against everything yoga represents in my opinion.

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