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Anna M.


Wanda Hiller

Great article. I am a totally believer in yoga as a therapy to support emotional release.

Amber Shakti

I go both ways on this topic Mari Francissen. I am not a therapist I am a yoga teacher. I share, invite, and create environments that hopefully allow people to be human, no matter what comes up. The comment in the article about teachers teaching about "hamstrings"...well , I teach about hamstrings and students still have emotional breakthroughs. I find that telling them that it might happen, does not make them feel safe. Instead I do what I do, and they open up or not. I've also learned that many people do not want to come to yoga for "spirituality" or "emotional" stuff - and they have that right. I don't judge it one way or another. All are the path - exactly as they are and all are too be honored. And guess what, many students come. And many have experiences. I just hold the space and make it safe.


I took a tumble in yoga class two weeks ago, no physical harm done, but when instructor came to my aid and asked what I wanted to do...I could only say I felt like crying. That's what happened, deep sobbing for a good while. Teacher sat with me and encouraged me to release, which I had to do anyway. It all seemed out of my control. Thankfully, my yoga salon is a place that feels safe to me, so I am counting it all as an unexpected blessing. Note: I knew when I began the pose I was wobbly, but my choice is generally to persist , but could not fool myself this time. Hmmmm?


I've googled everything I can think of to find the Newsweek and Time articles mentioned here as being published last year on the topic. Does anyone know how to find them? as a yoga teacher, I'd like to share them.


The year both my parents died my brother and I were too involved in all the issues surrounding the deaths....about 2 months apart. Later that year as I sat in a chanting session I saw the chant rise up through the ceiling as a prayer for my parents and finally was able to cry for both of them and my siblings. The woman next to me said nothing just held me as we chanted. It was a very moving and cleansing experience.


Thank you for this beautiful and helpful article.

Rajendar Menen

People want to cry at many yoga sessions and then feel embarrassed and hold back their tears. Allow the catharsis. Weep as much as you want. Open your blocks. You will be much better for it. Then you reach an inner equanimity.


I too had a huge emotional release after a hip opening class came on so quickly I was amazed. Afterwards, I felt peaceful and interested in exploring the episode to try and get an understanding of what had happened. I will never forget it. I have since grown to gain a better understanding of myself.

yoga mom

I always cry during yoga and particularly with warrior II Savasana and twists with my legs extended in a L with arms out stretched in a T. I have feelings of comfort loss and negative feelings and I feel them coming out of my body, it's weird but it even happens during cycle class. I have true introspection during Savasana it makes me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable yet I remind myself I am safe and this is normal leave early and don't come back for a week. the best time is when i saw my unborn child looking down at me when I was pregnant with him during Savasana. the weird thing is he still looks like what I imagined 5 years later. everyone is so busy with their lives no one notices.

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